Implementing Interval Partition with Enable Row Movement

Implementing Interval Partition with Enable Row Movement In this article , we will learn how to implement interval partition with enable row movement. Table Creation with interval partition (without interval Row Movement. Create user 

Now create table with interval partition.

Now try to… Read More

Online Segment Shrink

Online Segment Shrink A segment is a logical storage structure that contains data structure (segment type) of database objects. A segment is a set (unordered) of extents. A segment and all its extents are stored in one tablespace. From Oracle Database 10g, we can use the segment shrinking capability to reclaim unused… Read More

RAC : Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Service  The Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server is the Oracle software that provides system support for an Oracle database including volume management, file system, and automatic restart capabilities. If you plan to use Oracle Restart or Oracle Automatic Storage Management… Read More