How to Create New database using RMAN backup pieces.

How to Create New database using RMAN backup pieces.


To create a new database with RMAN backup we call it as RMAN CLONING.

Scenario :

Here I am giving steps for create a new database using rman backup pieces in different servers and directory location


Source database –> DBA12

Target database –> DBA13


Step 1 :

At source Side :

Check the information of source database .

Step 2 :

Connect to RMAN promt and check the RMAN configuration parameters.

Step 3 :

Take the full database backup along with archivelogs.

Step 4:

At Target Side :

Create a new  directory structure to store  rman backup pieces ,crd and archive log files.

Step 5:

At source Side :

Send all the backup pieces to target side directory.

Step 6:

At Target SIde :

 Export New SID and create a pfile with required parameters.

Step 7 :

Connect to sqlplus and start the database in nomount state.

Step 8:

Goto the RMAN backup location adn connect to RMAN  prompt.

Step 9:

Restore controlfile by using following command.

Step 10 :

Catalog all the backup files by using CATALOG START WITH command.

Step 11 :

Run the following script. It will restore the datafiles from backup pieces.

Output for script.

Step 12 :

Rename the log files required when we used different locations.

Step 13 : 

Recover the database.

Step 14 : 

Open the database with open resetlogs.

Step 15 :

Check the database details.


Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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