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Python language provides three types of loops, They are :

  • while loop
  • for loop
  • nested loop

Loop : It is a sequence of statements that will be repeated continuously until a certain condition is met.

While Loop : It is used to execute a block of statements repeatedly till a given condition is True. It will check the condition before executing the loop.

Syntax :

Example :

For Loop : for loop in python is different from the for in other programming languages. In Python a for loop is used to iterate over a set of items, list of items or any sequence of items.

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

You might wonder what is the word range in the above example. Let me explain it.

Range function : Range function iterates over a piece of code a specific number of times.

It auto increments the number until the specific number of iterations are reached.

  • range( 5 ) denotes the values from 0 to 4 excluding
  • range( 2, 5 ) denotes the values starting from 2 to 4 excluding
  • range( 3, 20, 2 ) denotes the values starting from 3 to 20 incrementing the sequence by 2 each
Example 1 :

Example 2 :

Example 3 :

Break Statement : Break Statement is used to terminate or stop the flow of execution of code before it reaches the stopping condition or before iteration of all the items are completed.

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

Continue Statement : Continue Statement is used to stop the current iteration continuing from the next
Example 1 :

Example 2 :

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