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I am Vinod Kumar Siram  having around 17+ years of experience as Oracle DBA having exposure to RAC, Dataguard, RMAN, GoldenGate, DB Upgrades, Hadoop. Looking forward to sharpening my skill set and adapt to new things.

I have worked for various industries like Banking, financial, Telecom, Product based companies, retail, etc.

My Simple Beliefs:

  • Knowledge sharing is Knowledge Gaining.
  • Working Hard for Something We Don’t Care about is called STRESS.
  • Working Hard for Something we LOVE is called PASSION.


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I would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout my career and journey.

  • Mr. Ramanakumar SV
  • Mr. Satyendra Kumar
  • Mr. Rishi Mahajan
  • Mr. Prakash krovvidi
  • Mr. Srinivas Ramineni
  • Mr. Srinivasa Panchagnula
  • Mr. Pramod Garre
  • Mr. Ramesh Veeramalla
  • Mr. Layadhar Duppati


Special thanks to:

I would like to extend my special appreciation to the developer and maintainer of this valuable website:

  • Mr. Ajaykumar C

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