SecureCRT Articles

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Please check below articles to get good knowledge on SecureCRT .

1 Ease of DB Administration Via SecureCRT
2 SecureCRT Buttons for Default
3 Oracle : TableSpace Menu Bar in SecureCRT
4 Oracle : Important ASM Commands
5 Oracle (SecureCRT) : Important Queries for UNDO Management
6 Oracle (SecureCRT) : Temp Tablespace Monitoring Queries
7 Oracle : Important commands for Flashback (SecureCRT)
8 Oracle : Important Monitoring commands for EXPDP/IMPDP (SecureCRT)
9 Oracle : Important Queries to check Blocking sessions (SecureCRT)
10 Oracle : Important Queries to check Table Fragmentation (SecureCRT)
11 Oracle: Important commands for Lock/Unlock Stats and Backup/Restore Old Stats (SecureCRT)
12 Oracle : Important Queries for Parallel Feature (SecureCRT)
13 Oracle : Important Commands for Dataguard (SecureCRT)
14 Protected: Oracle : RAC Important Commands (SecureCRT)


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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