GoldenGate Monitoring Commands

GoldenGate  Monitoring Commands  The following steps will briefly discuss the different commands we can use to monitor the GoldenGate environment and get statistics and reports on various extract and replicat operations which are in progress. 1.Information on all GoldenGate processes running on a system GGSCI… Read More

Oracle GoldenGate Articles

Oracle GoldenGate Articles SNO ARTICLE LINK DESCRIPTION 1 Oracle Golden Gate : Installing GG in AWS (Table replication in same DB) 2 GoldenGate: Oracle to Oracle GoldenGate Unidirectional Replication 3 GoldenGate: MySQL to Oracle Heterogeneous Unidirectional Replication 4 How to add… Read More

Oracle to MySQL Heterogeneous Unidirectional Replication

Oracle to MySQL Heterogeneous Unidirectional Replication In this article we will see how to make Heterogeneous Unidirectional Replication between Oracle and  MySQL. Source : Oracle DB Target :  MySQL Download Goldengate Binaries  Download GoldenGate binaries from using below link(Oracle) Make sure that you are using… Read More


ORACLE GOLDENGATE SUBDIRECTORIES In this article we will see the sub-directories of Oracle GoldenGate we have totally 11 subdirs available in Oracle GoldenGate. List of directories : dirdat –> Extract data files dirchk –> Checkpoint file dirtmp –> Temporary files dirrpt –> Report file dirdef… Read More