Oracle 12c New features

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Dear Readers,

Please check the below articles to get good knowledge on Oracle 12c New features.

SNO Article Name Article Link
1 Database Archiving in Oracle Database 12c
2 RMAN Commands in Oracle 12c
3 Moving Online Data files in Oracle 12c
4 Multiple Indexes On the Same Set Of Column in Oracle 12c
5 DDL Logging in Oracle 12c
6 Temporary Undo in Oracle 12C
7 RMAN Enhancements in Oracle 12c
8 Transportable Tablespace between two pluggable database(PDB’s)
9 Datapump in Oracle 12c
10 SQL*Loader in Oracle 12c
11 Difference b/w Common user and Local user in Oracle 12c
12 Multi-tenant Architecture & Creating database manually in Oracle 12c
13 Multi-tenant Database Introduction
14 Data Masking in Oracle 12c
15 12CR2 SQL*PLUS History Command
16 TOP N QUERIES in Oracle 12c
17 Invisible columns in Oracle 12c



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