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Please check below articles to get good knowledge on DevOps Technology.

1Introduction to DevOps
2Introduction to Linux
3Basic Linux Commands for DevOps (PART-1)
4Linux Basic Commands for DevOps (PART-2)
5Introduction to Git
6How to Create an Account on GitHub
7Install and Configure git in two Linux EC2 Instances (2 Regions)
8Git Workflow (Pushing and Pulling) (PART-1)
9Git Workflow (Pushing and Pulling) (PART-2)
10What is GItIgnore in Git?
11Branching and Merging in Git
12How to Resolve Merge CONFLICT in Git
13How to stash uncommitted changes with Git Stash in Git
14Reset,Revert and Delete files in Local Repository
15How to Clone Central Repository (GitHub) in Git
16Most Useful GIT Commands
17Introduction to Chef (Configuration Management Tool)
18Download and Install Chef in Amazon EC2 Linux Instance
19How to Create Cookbook and Recipe in Chef.
20Deploying an Apache Web Server in Chef.
21Ohai,Linux Commands and Users and Groups in Chef
22Run List and include_recipe in Chef
23Create an Account in Chef Server and Attach Workstation to Chef Server.
24Bootstrap a Node 1 and Deploy Apache Web Server.
25Bootstrap a Node 2 and Deploy Apache Web Server.
26Bootstrap a Node 3 and Deploy Apache Web Server.
27Roles in Chef
28Multiple Resources in Chef
 Most Useful Chef Commands
29Introduction to Docker
30How to Install Docker in Amazon Linux Machine
31How to Create a Container From Docker Image (Method-1)
32How to Create a Container From Our Own Image (Method-2)
33How to Create a Container From Dockerfile (Method-3)
34Share the Volume In Between Docker Containers (Method-1)
35Share the Volume In Between Docker Containers (Method-2)
36Share Volume From Host to Container
37How to Create Web Server In Docker Container (Port Expose)
38Create Jenkin Web Server with Jenkin Image in the Container (Port Expose)
39How to Create Docker Hub Account
40How to Store Docker Image in Docker Hub
41How to Make Image to Private and Pull from Docker Hub
 Most Useful Docker Commands
42Introduction to Ansible (Configuration Management Tool)
43How to Install Ansible in Amazon Linux Machine
44Launch 2 Hosts and Set-Up in Inventory File
45How to Establish Passwordless SSH Connection Between Ansible Server and Hosts.
46Ways to Push Code From Ansible Server to Hosts.
47Push Code From Ansible Server to Hosts by using Ad-Hoc (Method-1).
48Push Code From Ansible Server to Hosts by using Single Module (Method-2).
49Push Code From Ansible Server to Hosts by using Modules (Method-3).
50How to Use Ansible Vault to Protect Playbooks.
51Roles in Ansible.
52DevOps Articles

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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