DDL Wait Option in Oracle.

DDL Wait Option in Oracle. A DBA is trying to alter the table called SALES to add a column, TAX_CODE. he issues the following SQL statement: SQL> alter table sales add (tax_code varchar2 (10)); But instead of getting something like “Table altered”, he gets: SQL>>Alter… Read More

Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA)

Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA). Fine grained auditing extends Oracle standard auditing capabilities by allowing the user to audit actions based on user-defined predicates. It is independant of the AUDIT_TRAILparameter setting and all audit records are stored in the FGA_LOG$ table, rather than the AUD$ table. The following example illustrates how fine… Read More

Performance Tuning-Part5

We have discussed on How Optimizer works in our previous article. Please find the article here Performance Tuning – Part4 Now we will discuss about the SQL Tuning. SQL TUNING   Before going into how to perform SQL Tuning, let us begin with Thumb Rules… Read More

Invoking MySQL Client Programs

Invoking MySQL Client Programs The MySQL Client programs are used for connecting the MySQL Server for accessing and managing the activities of MySQL Databases there are different client programs mysql mysqladmin mysqlimport mysqldump   mysql mysql is a client program which is used to connect… Read More

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