LOGICAL DATA MODELING To start with Cassandra data modeling, we are ready to begin designing Cassandra tables. From the conceptual model we must create a logical model containing a table for each query, capturing entities and relationships. Then identify the primary entity type for which… Read More


DATA MODELING IN CASSANDRA: Data modeling is the process of identifying entities and their relationships. In relational databases, data is placed in normalized tables with foreign keys used to reference related data in other tables. Queries that the application will make are driven by the… Read More


WRITE PATHS IN CASSANDRA: TERMINOLOGY OF APACHE CASSANDRA: 👉 Gossips 👉 Partitioners 👉 Snitchers 👉 SSTables 👉 Tombstones 👉 Compactions Cassandra uses murmur3 partitioners and murmur3 algorithms to create Tokens.   Cassandra Data Write Path: How Data Is Written: Data is processed by Cassandra at multiple points along… Read More

Introduction to sharding

Introduction to sharding Sharding: Sharding is a process of distributing the data across multiple machines. The distribution is done based on the specific key called the shard key. This allows MongoDB to handle large datasets and higher read/write operations. MongoDB supports horizontal scaling through Sharding.… Read More

Object Replication in Azure Storage Accounts

Object Replication in Azure Storage Accounts What is Object Replication in Azure Blob Storage Account Azure Blob Storage is also called as Object Replication in Azure storage account. Object replication creates, distributes and stores data across various storage accounts across multiple locations. Object replication Architecture… Read More

How to communicate two VM’s in Azure

How to communicate two VM’s in Azure   To establish peering between two VM’s do follow the link below. Virtual machines communication in Azure? Vnet peering (Virtual Network peering) in Azure is used for connecting two or virtual networks for resource sharing in one… Read More

Indexes in MongoDB

Indexes in MongoDB Index: Index is a data structure that enhances the data retrieval efficiency by storing the small portion of the collection’s data along with the pointers to their physical location in the collection. 👉 MongoDB indexes use B-tree data structure. 👉 Indexes help… Read More

Install MongoDB in Amazon Linux VM

Install MongoDB in Amazon Linux VM: Step-1: Create a Linux virtual machine in AWS. Step-2: After creating it connect it through the putty or mobaXterm. Step-3: Run “sudo su“ to get all the root privileges. [ec2-user@ip-172-31-35-250 ~]$ sudo su [root@ip-172-31-35-250 ec2-user]# Step-4: To know about… Read More

Create the Azure windows VM

Create the Azure windows VM Virtual Machine (VM) A Virtual machine is a digital version of Physical computer because they have a memory, CPU, as well as storage disks. A Virtual machine can execute all tasks like a physical computer it can host operating systems,… Read More

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