Dictionary – Python

Dictionary ▪️ Dictionary is the inbuilt data type in python which organizes data in a collection of key-value pairs, where each key is unique and maps to a specific value. ▪️ Each element in the dictionary is a key–value pair and one individual key value… Read More


COLLECTION DATATYPES IN CQL Collections are designed to store and denormalize modest amounts of data. They are useful for things like “labels applied to an email,” “the phone numbers of a given user,” and so on. However, collections are inappropriate in situations when items are… Read More


LOOPING IN PYTHON Loop: A loop is a control flow structure that allows a set of statements that will be executed repeatedly until a certain condition is met. Loops are used to automate repetitive tasks, to iterate over a data structure. Python language support two… Read More

Tuples – PYTHON

Tuples Tuple: ➔ A tuple is an inbuilt data type which is an ordered, immutable and lightweight collection of elements in python. ➔ The term immutable means once the tuple is created you can’t modify the size or the elements which are present in the… Read More

Parameterization in Jenkins job

Parameterization in Jenkins job Parameters in Jenkins: Parameters can be used in 2 ways in Jenkins job. ▪️ Define parameter value directly inside a build job (or in shell/batch commands) as fixed value. ▪️ Define using Build Parameters – Setting build parameter and passing values… Read More


CASSANDRA QUERY LANGUAGE WHAT IS CASSANDRA QUERY LANGUAGE? The computer languages used to create queries in databases and information systems are known as query languages. The main query language used to interact with the Apache Cassandra database is called Cassandra Query Language. A model resembling… Read More

Variables in Python

Variables in Python Identifiers: An identifier is a name given to the entities in a program such as variables, classes, functions and all the other objects in python. ▪️ Identifiers are case sensitive. ▪️ There is no length restriction for the identifiers, but you have… Read More


SET DATA STRUCTURE ▪️ A Python Set is the unordered and unique collection of the data. ▪️ Sets can contain elements of different Data Types Like int, string, Tuple, etc. but cannot contain List, sets, dictionaries. ▪️ Set data structure is used when you want… Read More


CASSANDRA DATA MODELING TOOLS You can create queries and maintain your Cassandra schema with a number of available tools. KASHLEV DATA MODELER: The data modeling process outlined in this paper, which includes defining access patterns, conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling, and schema development, is automated… Read More

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