Temporary Undo in 12C

Temporary Undo in 12C Undo tablespaces facilitate the rollback of logical transactions. In addition, undo tablespaces support a number of other features, including read consistency, various database-recovery operation, and flashback functions. A database may have more than one undo tablespace, although only one can be… Read More


DATABASE LINK IN ORACLE What is database link? A database link is a schema object in a database. The main purpose of the database link is to access database objects present in another database or remote database. A database link creates a connection between a… Read More

Automatic Diagnostic Repository

Automatic Diagnostic Repository ADR – Automatic Diagnostic Repository (introduced in Oracle 11g) is a system managed repository for storing database alert logs, trace files, and any other diagnostic data previously controlled by any other init.ora parameters. DIAGNOSTIC_DEST is the base location for all diagnostic directories. There… Read More


ORACLE ARCHITECTURE -3 Optional Background Processes Archiver Process Name: ARC0 through ARC9 Max Processes: 10 The ARCn process is responsible for writing the online redo log files to the mentioned archive log destination after a log switch has occurred. ARCn is present only if the… Read More


ORACLE  SERVER ARCHITECTURE What is Oracle Sever ? Oracle Server is a combination of Instance and database . What is an Oracle instance ? Instance is a gateway in-order to access the database. Without instance we can’t access database and its objects . Every database… Read More


ORACLE ARCHITECTURE -1 What is DATABASE ? A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. As a database administrator  we can say one more definition A Database is a collection of  Logical level  and Physical level In Logical level… Read More

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