Oracle : Storage Management

STORAGE MANAGEMENT     In oracle, database space demanding objects are called segments. There are 5 different segments i.e. tables, indexes, temporary, undo, rollback segments.     Within a single server, we can create multiple database. Database contains one or more tablespace. One tablespace can… Read More


DATABASE CREATION   Oracle Database can create by using the following 3 methods Manual database creation OMF method (Oracle Managed database Files) DBCA method (Database Configuration Assistance)   Steps to create database in manual method.   Declare or specify variables or set up environmental variables:… Read More

How to Configure a Galera Cluster with MySQL

Introduction Clustering adds high availability to your database by distributing changes to different servers. In the event that one of the instances fails, others are already available to continue serving. Clusters come in two general configurations, active-passive and active-active. In active-passive clusters, all writes are… Read More

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