ORACLE ARCHITECTURE -1 What is DATABASE ? A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. As a database administrator  we can say one more definition A Database is a collection of  Logical level  and Physical level In Logical level… Read More

Oracle : Oracle Server Architecture

Oracle Server Architecture   An Oracle server includes an Oracle Instance and an Oracle database. Oracle instance:  An Oracle Instance is a combination of two different sets of components. The first component includes the Memory components. That is nothing but SGA (shared global area or system global area)   The second… Read More


USER MANAGEMENT How to create user? Syntax sys>> create user <username> identified by <password>; Create user u1 identified by u1; How to assign the privileges to user? Grant connect,resource to u1; How to assign the tablespace to user? Alter user u1 default tablespace userdata; How… Read More