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▪️ We have 3 methods of installing Cassandra. In that this one is the one of the methods.
▪️ This will be installing in the Linux terminal only.
▪️ Follow the steps accordingly to install Apache Cassandra in Linux operating systems.
▪️ It is a set of files packaged together into a single file, then compressed using the gzip compression program.
Why tarball:
▪️ The tarball unpacks all its contents into a single location with binaries and configuration files located in their own subdirectories.
STEP-1: Installing Java
▪️ First of all, make sure that you have installed java in your system. Because Apache Cassandra requires Java to run.
▪️ Type $ java -version in cmd to check the version of java installed in your system otherwise try to install the java.
STEP-2: Installation of Tarball file.
▪️ First of all, install the latest version of Cassandra from the Apache Cassandra Tarball official site.
▪️ Click on the above to redirect to the Apache Cassandra tarbal file download link.
▪️ The available version is 5.0 latest one.
▪️ Or install using mirrors of the Apache Cassandra
$ curl -OL
STEP-3: Checking Integrity
▪️ Now verify the integrity of the downloaded tarbal file using any method we used gpg here.

STEP-4: Compare the signature.
▪️ Now compare the signature with the SHA256 file from the official site.

STEP -5: Extract the Tarball
▪️ Unpack the Tarball

STEP-6: Allocating location.
▪️ Move the Cassandra to desired location

STEP-7: Environmental variables.
▪️ Configure Environmental variables.

STEP-8: Starting Cassandra
▪️ Start Cassandra

STEP-9: Verification
▪️ Verify that Cassandra is running or not

STEP-10: Launching Cassandra shell.
▪️ Now connect to the Cassandra shell as the final step

Watch Demo here: Tarball installation in cassandra (



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Assisted and Designed by: Angala Sandeep Kumar
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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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