Performance Tuning Articles

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Dear Readers,

Please check the below articles to get good knowledge on Performance Tuning.

SNO Article Name Article Link
1 Autonomous Health Framework
2 Oracle: Free Buffer Wait
3 Internal mechanism of Buffer Cache
4 Performance Investigation(Database / SQL)
5 Oracle: AWR Customization
6 Top Oracle CPU & ELAPSED Queries
7 Query Issues (Ask questions to Dev before working on it)
8 How to generate Explain Plans in different ways
9 Generating Oracle AWR reports on RAC and Non-RAC DB’s
10 Oracle: Change AWR Retention
11 Performance Tuning in Oracle – Part2
12 Performance Tuning in Oracle – Part1
13 Performance Tuning-Part5
14 Performance Tuning – Part4
15 Performance Troubleshooting Steps
16 Oracle 18C new feature: Cancel SQL instead of killing session


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