Teradata DBA – USEFUL SQLs

Teradata DBA – USEFUL SQLs This article contains all the basic queries needed by a DBA to collect different kind of information from the database. Table of Contents 1.Disk Space Total disk space Percent of disk space in use Percent of disk space free Percent… Read More

Types of Locks in Teradata

Types of Locks in Teradata  Locks are used to protect data integrity when multiple users try to access or change the same data simultaneously. This can be achieved by locking the target data. Example : Assuming user_1 is updating a table, so if user_2 tries… Read More


Dear Readers, In this article, we will learn about Tset. What is TSET ? TSET stands for Teradata System Emulation Tool. It is a tool that is used to collect a set of support files that help in troubleshooting issues. It allows you to emulate… Read More

How to collect TSET

How to collect TSET This article will provide instructions on exporting data and collecting TSET step-by-step (export & pack) Note : Please make sure the version of TSET installed on your PC or laptop is compatible with the currently running TDBMS version. TSET is required… Read More


TERADATA DBA TASKS Hello Readers, This page will give you a composite summary of how Teradata DBAs use their time. Let’s first have a look at the high-level summary that lists the main activity categories of the DBAs. As we scroll down further, we shall… Read More