LOGICAL DATA MODELING To start with Cassandra data modeling, we are ready to begin designing Cassandra tables. From the conceptual model we must create a logical model containing a table for each query, capturing entities and relationships. Then identify the primary entity type for which… Read More


DATA MODELING IN CASSANDRA: Data modeling is the process of identifying entities and their relationships. In relational databases, data is placed in normalized tables with foreign keys used to reference related data in other tables. Queries that the application will make are driven by the… Read More


READ OPERATIONS IN CASSANDRA In Cassandra read operation performs through different stages to find the data starting from MEMTABLE (RAM) to the end of the data present in SS TABLES(DISK) COMPONENTS USED TO PASS THE READ QUERY: ▪️ Memtable ▪️ Row cache ▪️ Key cache ▪️… Read More


WRITE PATHS IN CASSANDRA: TERMINOLOGY OF APACHE CASSANDRA: 👉 Gossips 👉 Partitioners 👉 Snitchers 👉 SSTables 👉 Tombstones 👉 Compactions Cassandra uses murmur3 partitioners and murmur3 algorithms to create Tokens.   Cassandra Data Write Path: How Data Is Written: Data is processed by Cassandra at multiple points along… Read More

Tools for Administering the Cassandra

Dear Readers, In this article, we will discuss Tools for Administering the Cassandra. Please Fill below Google Form (If we missed any Products, Tools, and Utilities that you use in achieving your goals as a Cassandra Administrator.) 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://forms.gle/cassandra Cassandra Flavors : Open source Apache… Read More

Rise of NoSQL databases

Dear Readers, In this article we will see Rise of NoSQL databases. Over the last few years we have seen the rise of a new type of databases, known as NoSQL databases that are challenging the dominance of relational databases. Relational databases have dominated the software industry for a… Read More