Key components in Cassandra

Dear Readers, In this article we will see Key components in Cassandra. Gossip Cassandra uses The Gossip protocol for internal communication between nodes in a cluster. A peer-to-peer communication protocol to discover and share location and state information about the other nodes in a Cassandra cluster. Gossip information… Read More

Key structures in Cassandra

  Dear Readers, In this article we will see Key structures in Cassandra. Node Node is  the basic infrastructure component of Cassandra. Where we can store data in a cluster. Cassandra is a Masterless architecture so all nodes in a cluster having same priority. Datacenter… Read More

Cassandra Introduction

Dear Readers, In this article we will see Cassandra Introduction. Apache Cassandra one of the Popular NoSQL database. it’s an Highly scalable, Masterless open source NoSQl database. it can suitable for managing the large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across homogeneous nodes. Cassandra… Read More

Cassandra – Types of NoSQL Databases

Dear Readers, There are four general types (most common categories) of NoSQL databases. Each of these categories has its own specific attributes and limitations. There is not a single solution which is better than all others; however there are some databases that are better to… Read More