How to build ACTIVE STANDBY DATABASE using RMAN DUPLICATE command in 12c.(Video included)

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Data Guard is the name for Oracle’s standby database solution, used for disaster recovery and high availability. This article contains an updated version of the 12cR1 active  standby setup using RMAN duplicate  method posted here.


Some key points before proceeding with the ACTIVE  STANDBY  setup.

  1. Primary database should be in archivelog mode.
  2. Initialization parameter “db_name” should be same on both primary and standby database.
  3. Initialization parameter “db_unique_name” should be different on primary and standby databases.


Primary Database : APACPROD(DBA13)

Standby Database : APACSTAND(DBA12)


1.Checking Primary database name & locations.


2.We need to configure Oracle Net Services from both DBA12 and DBA13 servers.


At Primary Side : configure listener.ora 

Start the listener.


At Standby side : Configure tnsnames.ora and check whether its pings  to primary listener or not.

Export new SID then configure and  start the listener at same side.

At Primary Side :  Configure tnsnames.ora and check whether its pings  to standby listener or not.

At Primary Side : 

3.Create a directory structure to store Initialization parameter file,password file & standby controlfile.

4. Create standby controlfile using below command.


5.Modify  Initialization parameter file .

6.Create password file  and store at ‘/u01/oradata/apacpord/dg’ location.

7. Send Intialization parameter file ,standby control file & password file to standby server.

At Standby side : 

8.Move the pfile and passwd file from primary instance name to standby instance name and modify pfile with required parameters.



9. Connect to sqlplus and keep database in nomount state.

At Primary Side : 


10.Connect to RMAN prompt using auxiliary Oracle net services and issue below Duplicate command.

At Primary Side : 

11.Check archive log files  at both primary and standby side.

At Standby Side : 

12.Enable Managed recovery mode at standby side and check archive logs.


13.Convert physical standby into active standby database.







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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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  1. hi,
    you are issuing duplicate target database for standby from active database from primary.
    this command is supposed to be executed @ standby side right? please confirm

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