How to Create an RMAN Recovery Catalog

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Hello Readers,

In this article, we will see Creation of RMAN Recovery Catalog.

Target Database :                                                  Catalog Database:

Name : AVPROD                                                     Name: AVDEV

IP Address :                                      IP Address :

What is RMAN Recovery Catalog :

The RMAN recovery catalog is a schema created inside of a new or existing database that is used to store metadata about Oracle databases.

1.The recovery catalog stores database metadata history for much longer than the controlfile. Also, if the target database’s controlfile and all backups are lost, the metadata is still stored inside of the recovery catalog.

2.If the preferred method is using backup scripts instead of command files, they can be stored in the database for safekeeping. This is useful when the server is lost and the backup scripts along with it.

3.The recovery catalog can be used as a centralized location to store information about all of your Oracle databases. This makes it much easier to run various reports about the backups.

Follow below steps to implement Recovery Catalog Setup 

Target Database:

Check the Database

Step 1:

Create a listener

Start the listener

Step 2 :

Create a directory to store RMAN backup files

Step 3:

Goto dbs locations and create password file

Catalog database Side :

Catalog Database can be created newly or we can utilized existing database.

Step 4:

Create an entry in tnsnames.ora

Check the connectivity of Oracle Net Services using tnsping

Step 5:

Create a tablespaces and Schema to store metadata about Oracle databases.

Create Schema  with  catalog privilege called RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER

Make default tablespace to schema

Step 6:

Connect to RMAN catalog

Issue a command CREATE CATALOG

Step 7:

Connect to database and check tables created under BCO user

Step 8:


Step 9:

Register the target database 


check the existing registered dabases 

Register the  Database : 

Check the registered databases

Execute the following RMAN Script for full database and archivelog backups.

Below script also deletes archivelogs before 1 day

Below script will take current controlfile backup.

Output for above script :

Check backup files 

Note :

Backup files will be created in Target database  location : /u01/oradata/AVPROD/rmanbkp

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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