Oracle 19c Software Installation On Linux 7.6

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In this article, we will see Oracle 19c (19.3) Software Installation On Linux 7.6

Click here to Download Oracle 19c Software from Oracle Support.

Create a directory for ORACLE_HOME

Unzip the oracle 19c software

Goto Oracle home location and run the ./runinstaller

Start the oracle 19c binaries installation.

Step1 :

As we are install Oracle 19c Software binaries, So

Click  on  Set Up Software Only 

Step 2:

Click on Single instance database installation 

Step 3:

Choose Enterprise Edition 

Step 4:

Browse and Select  Oracle Base directory to store Oracle configuration files.

Step 5:

By default all users will be assigned to dba group,

Click Next

Step 6:

In Oracle 19c, we have an option to choose a user to run Configuration scripts.

In below image I have mentioned root user and credentials.

Oracle user will verify prerequisite checks


Step 7: 

If any prerequisite warned or fails ,

choose Fix & Check Again

Installer will provide fixup script, but we no need to run it, Just click  on OK ,

Fixup script will be ran by root user using credentials provided by earlier

Step 8: 

Click on Install  to start installation of Oracle binaries.

Step 9:

Installation in progress.

Configuration scripts will be run  by root user using credentials provided by earlier .

Click on YES  to continue.

Step 10 :

Oracle 19c installed successfully .

Click on Close.

Oracle 19c Software installation Completed successfully .

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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