Oracle Cloud:Trial Account on Oracle Cloud

Oracle provides a trial cloud account worth USD 300 to individuals and organizations to test the cloud services. This is a good starting point to be familiar and have a hands on with oracle cloud services. The trial account provides complete spectrum of services to play with. Sign up for trial is pretty simple and requires just few clicks. Here are the steps to create a trial account on oracle cloud.


1) Open and click on Sign Up



2) This page has 4 sections


Account Details – It asks about basic account information like account type, account name, email info and data region. There are 3 regions to choose from – North America, Europe and Asia and it is suggested to pick a region closest to your users for low latency.


Verification Code – Requires a valid phone number for verification. You will get an verification code to validate phone number you entered.


Credit Card Details – Credit card details are required for verification only . An amount of 1 USD will be debited and credited back to validate the card. Credit card will not be charged unless and until services are upgraded from promotional account to paid account.


Terms and Conditions – Accept and click complete. Its done…!!!


3) Post sign up, you will get few mails

First mail will have your order details. This is just a confirmation for your order. Within a couple of hours after this email, there would be a confirmation call on phone number provided (in previous step) to validate the order. After phone call validation , there would be an activation mail to activate the service and setup cloud account.Click on Activate My Service and follow steps to activate the account


Once activation is done, there would be a welcome mail with provisioned Account Details (Username/Passwords/Account name) and link to my service Dashboard where you can login and use provisioned services.





Note that trial account provides access to both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Classic Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services and is valid for 30 Days. Within this 30 days period, the promotional account can be converted to a paid account (if required)


4) Login to Oracle Cloud, open and click Sign In

Choose “Cloud Account with Identity Cloud Service” , enter “Cloud Account Name” and click on My Services. Cloud Account Name is what you entered during trial request and can also also be checked in welcome mail.


Enter username and password received in welcome mail. This will prompt a password reset on first login.



And here’s the dashboard that shows services that have been provisioned and  available for use.



The dashboard will have both OCI and OCI-Classic services. Clicking on an any OCI service will direct to OCI Console.




To explore further, here are the documentation links

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic –

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure –


and here are some compute and database service tutorials to create your first instance on oracle cloud.,P141_SECTION_ID:379,2909


Good luck for your journey on Oracle Cloud…!!!!! 

Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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