Oracle: Scheduling Rman backup jobs through DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Oracle: Scheduling Rman backup jobs through DBMS_SCHEDULER.

In this article we will learn  how to schedule RMAN backup jobs through DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Before reading this article Please check previous article on DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Oracle: Scheduler Jobs in Oracle Database

Step 1 :

Create the Script That Invokes RMAN

Create a shell script that calls an RMAN script to perform a cold backup. The shell script is located in /u01/scripts/ It must be executable by the user who installed Oracle Database (typically the user oracle).

Step 2 :

Create another script of  RMAN.

Create an RMAN script that performs the cold backup and then ends the job. The script is located in /u01/scripts/full_rmanbkp.rman.

Step 3 :

Create the Job and Use a Detached Program

Submit the following PL/SQL block on sqlplus prompt

Step 4:

Check the job details using views.

Step 5 :

Check a particular job details.

Yes , The Job was scheduled to 27th Feb at 1:00 AM. Just wait until the job executes.

Step 6 :





Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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