Introduction to PostgreSQL

Introduction to PostgreSQL • PostgreSQL (pronounced as post-gress-Q-L) is a high demand open-source object relational database management system (ORDBMS). It was developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. It is not controlled by any private entity so, it is available for free. • PostgreSQL uses… Read More


FUNCTIONS IN PYTHON FUNCTION :   A function is a block of code that executes only when it is called. Data can be passed to functions as parameters. A function can return the result or output the result. In python a function can be created or… Read More

Table/index movement using pl/sql procedure

Table/index movement using pl/sql procedure

1) Gather all below data into a SQL log file for future validations

2) Export respective schema and whole DB as part of prechecks. 3) Create a Guaranteed Restore point and drop before dropping tablespace if everything is… Read More


LOOPS IN PYTHON Python language provides three types of loops, They are : while loop for loop nested loop Loop : It is a sequence of statements that will be repeated continuously until a certain condition is met. While Loop : It is used to… Read More

Control Flow In Python

CONTROL FLOW Decision making statements in programming languages decide the direction of the flow of program execution based on the given conditions. Python supports if, Elif used to decide the flow of execution. If statement: It is the basic decision-making statement, in this the code… Read More