Oracle : Generate Clear output for crs_stat -t

Oracle : Generate Clear output for crs_stat -t  

chmod 755   Output :  


MySQL : About MySQL

MySQL     MySQL belongs to relational database management system (RDBMS Software). MySQL is one of the most widely using open source relational database. MySQL was started developing by Michael Widenius “Monty” in the year 1979. At that time it named as UNIREG.  It’s an in-house database… Read More

Oracle : DATA MASKING (12c)

DATA MASKING     Every organization maintains the sensitive data regarding their operations. like  personal identifiable data, personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive data. organizations are required to protect their sensitive data falling to the wrong hands. Data can be protect by doing the common stuff… Read More

Oracle : Backup of GI and RDBMS home before patching

Note : Please test below steps in your lower environment before trying in Production   Backup of GI and RDBMS home before patching   As root do it when DB instance/CRS is down  :  

Restore : If any issues and needs to restore… Read More

Oracle : Add ASM Disks to existing Diskgroup (RAC)


Gossip in Cassandra

Gossip in Cassandra   Gossip Gossip is a peer-to-peer communication protocol to discover and share the location and state information about the other nodes in a Cassandra cluster. Gossip information is also persisted locally by each node to use immediately when a node restarts. During… Read More