STANDALONE to RAC Conversion

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see the STANDALONE to RAC Conversion.

1)Take the existing database backup using the crontab job

2) Take the database information. (i.e datafile,tempfile,redolog & Controlfile)

3) Take the pfile backup to any location from spfile.
4) Export the SID to JRQ and start the db using the pfile.
Note: Make sure set cluster_database=false in pfile.
5) Start the database using the pfile & connect to rman set the DB ID
6) Restore database controlfile using the below command. Take the control file backuo piece info in backup log file

7) Mount the database.
Alter database mount;
8) Restore the database using the below script



9) Recover the database




10 ) While recovering the db it’s asking more archive logs. I have restored that particular archive logs to /oracle/home/oracle location


10) Open the database with reset log option
1) Take the existing pfile backup in dbs location

2) Create 2 pfiles for insatnce1 & Instance2
3) Start & Stop the instance1 database using the pfile


4) Start the database in node2 using the pfile

5) Create spfile in ASM location using the running pfile

6) Shutdown the database in node2 (Instance 2)
7) Take the existing pfiles backup and update the pfiles as below

8) startup up the db using newly created pfile
9) Set the cluster_Database to true and shutdown the database and start in both nodes
10) STOP both the instance and start the databases using srvctl command



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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