Storage Management in Oracle -3

Storage Management in Oracle -3

In article we will learn creating tablespaces with storage parameters(DEMO).

Before reading this article please check previous articles.

Storage Management in Oracle -2

Demo On Storage Management :

To view information about storage management use DBA_TABLESPACES or V$TABLESPACE

Note :

If you have system tablespace as Dictionary then only Oracle allows us to create dictionary management tablespaces. 

Check instance information

Lets create tablespace with dictionary Management


We can create dictionary management tablespace with storage parameters like INITIAL,NEXT,MINEXTENTS etc…,

Lets create user and assign user to dictionary managed tablespace.

Connect to DMU user and insert some data.

We can check information whether the table has stored as per storage parameters or not using below statement.

The table also stores as per dictionary management tablespace dmts2 values .

Now we will create table with manual storage values.

Finally we understood that we can assign storage parameter values while creating the table and also tablespace .


Converting Dictionary Management tablespaces to Local :

Execute Pl*SQL packaged procedure to change Dictionary Management tablespaces to Local :

Now check changes

Converting  Local Management tablespace  to Dictionary :


Thank you …..



Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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