ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES IN PostgreSQL: These are useful to avoid hard-coding database connection information into simple client applications, for example. To start a PostgreSQL server, you can run the following command:

However, you can also use an environmental variable to create a shortcut for this… Read More

PostgreSQL: Clauses and filters

Clauses and filters: Like clause:

LIMIT Clause: The LIMIT clause is used to restrict the number of rows returned in the result set. It is useful when you want to retrieve only a certain number of rows.

OFFSET Clause: It is used in conjunction… Read More

Introduction to PostgreSQL

Introduction to PostgreSQL • PostgreSQL (pronounced as post-gress-Q-L) is a high demand open-source object relational database management system (ORDBMS). It was developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. It is not controlled by any private entity so, it is available for free. • PostgreSQL uses… Read More

PostgreSQL Articles

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