Transportable Tablespace between two pluggable database(PDB’s)

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In this article, we will see the following Transportable Tablespace between two pluggable database(PDB’s).

This article discusses simple example of performing TTS (Transportable Tablespace) across two pluggable databases in a same container.

Transportable tablespaces(T-Ts)   is used to move the data from one  database to another database in NON CDB environment,where as in container database we can move the data across pluggable databases using T-Ts.

Moving data using Transportable tablespace is much faster than performing either an export/import or unload/load of the same data.

Database Type : Container database

Database name : microcdb

Pluggable databases : plug2 & plug4.

Connect to Container database and check required information.

Connect to pluggable database -PLUG2 

Creating a tablespace .

Creating a user with required privileges  in PLUG2 pluggable database  and assign user to a particular tablespace.

Connect to user and create a  object.

Perform some transaction under T1 object.

Check T1 segment is created under TRANS_TS tablespace or not.

Connect to SYS user in PLUG2 pluggable database and verify the self-contained status of the tablespace.

We need to keep tablespace read-only while performing Transportable tablespace.

Check the requirements to take backup of objects using datapump utility  by using below link.

DATAPUMP IN ORACLE 12c.(Video included)

Export the metadata of the objects using Data Pump Utility by using a parameter called transport_tablespace.

To perform an import operation into plug 4 initially we need to copy dumpfile and physical datafile to plug4 location.

Connect to plug pluggable database and create required users.

Now import the dumpfile into plug4 pluggable database using datafiles parameter.

Then connect to plug4 pluggable database and check the data.

Note :

Whenever we exported the tablespace across pluggable database or noncdb environment it should be in read only mode.

Manually we need to convert it into Read write mode to perform the transactions.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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