Amazon Route 53 in AWS (PART -2)

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see

Get your free domain

Register a new domain and logging to freenom website

Create Hosted Zone.

Update Hosted Zone default values in your domain settings.

Get your Free Domain

As first,we need to go freenom website by using below link.

Logging to freenom website and Register a new domain 

Provide username and password then click on sign in.

Go to services, click on My Domains.

We can see Domain Name, Registration date, Expire date and status of your domain.

Create Hosted Zone

Go to services, click on Route 53 in the Networking & Content Delivery Module.

Go to DNS Management, click on Get started.

Click on Create Hosted Zone.

We don’t have any hosted zones so, click on create Hosted Zone to create new Hosted Zone.

Copy your Domain name.

Specify Domain Name “” and choose Public Hosted Zone type then click on create.

Update Hosted Zone default values in your domain settings.

Here we can see default values

We need to add these default values in your domain settings.

Copy the default values.

Go to freenom account, click on Manage Domain.

Go, Management Tools, then click on Nameservers.

From here, select custom nameservers and just enter all the 4 nameservers which was copied from hosted zone and click on the Change Nameservers.

We can see the changes saved successfully.

Now, we  would be able to access your app in your EC2 instance with the domain you choose.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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