Cassandra Introduction

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In this article we will see Cassandra Introduction.

Apache Cassandra one of the Popular NoSQL database. it’s an Highly scalable, Masterless open source NoSQl database. it can suitable for managing the large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across homogeneous nodes.

Cassandra is a peer-to-peer distributed database that runs on a cluster of homogeneous nodes.

Cassandra delivers continuous availability, linear scalability, and operational simplicity across many homogeneous nodes with no single point of failure. Cassandra also having a powerful dynamic data model designed for maximum flexibility and fast response times.

As per CAP Theorem Apache Cassandra Providing Availability, Partition Tolerance and also providing Tunable Consistency.

Cassandra cluster is visualized as a ring because it uses a consistent hashing algorithm to distribute data across the Cluster.


Cassandra History.

Cassandra initially developed at Facebook on 2007 to power the Facebook inbox search feature. It’s developed by Avinash  Lakshman one of the authors of Amazon’s Dynamo and Prashant Malik employee at Facebook.

Cassandra is a product of Google Bigtable and Amazon Dynamo

Google Bigtable: Initial released February 2005 by Google.

Features taken: Bigtable datamodel, Memtable, SSTables, Commitlog, Column families, Indexes, Compaction etc.

Amazon Dynamo: Initial released October 2007 by Amazon

Features taken: Clustering Architecture, Distributed Hash Table(DHT), Partitioning, placement, gossip-based membership, anti-entropy, Eventual consistence, Tunable Trade-offs etc.

Facebook released Cassandra as an open-source project in July 2008.In March 2009 it became an Apache Incubator project.

Cassandra Initial released 0.6 version on Apr 12 2010.

After that it releases so many of versions, The latest version of Apache Cassandra 3.11.0 released on Jun 23 2017.




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