MySQL Clients (Articles -10).

MySQL Clients   Learning Objectives : List the available clients for administrative tasks and their basic  purposes. Invoke mysql clients and common command line options. Invoke and us the MySQL command line client MySQL. Use the mysqladmin for administrative clients APIs (Drivers and Connectors).  … Read More

LOG FILES IN MySQL(Article -09)

LOG FILES IN MySQL. Before going to look on logfiles we need to know what is the use of my.cnf file. By default my.cnf file will be in /etc/my.cnf location, when ever you try to restart MySQL server look for my.cnf in /etc/ location.

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Improving MySQL installation Security.(Article 07).

Improving  MySQL installation Security(UNIX Platform). 1.The mysql_secure_installation programs enables security improvement . Set password for root accounts. Remove remote root accounts. Remove anonymous accounts. Remove the test database. 2.Invoking the program It will prompt for actions to perform . Only applicable to Unix/Linux operating systems.… Read More