Improving MySQL installation Security.(Article 07).

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Improving  MySQL installation Security(UNIX Platform).

1.The mysql_secure_installation programs enables security improvement .

  • Set password for root accounts.
  • Remove remote root accounts.
  • Remove anonymous accounts.
  • Remove the test database.

2.Invoking the program

  • It will prompt for actions to perform .
  • Only applicable to Unix/Linux operating systems.

To set password and remove anonymous databases you need to execute mysql_secure_installation script.

Now installation is completed let’s try to login MySQL we will get error because mysql_secure_installation script will remove all ammoniums databases and users without any password now we can connect only using password.

We will get above error as we need to specify user name and password as shown below.


Check the databases.

As shown above all test/anonymous  databases are cleared.

To check MySQL is running or not use below command.


Every version has different installation steps .


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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