Client/Server architecture of MySQL(Article -02)

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Client/Server architecture of MySQL 

Networked environment using a client/server model.

-central acts as server

-Various client programs connects to the server and make requests.

Components Of MySQL  Installations :

The MySQL Database also follows the client and server model architecture and following are the components of MySQL Server

  • MySQL Server
  • Client Programs
  • Non Client Programs

MySQL Server :

The server is a database component where all the applications related data is stored and it is served for multiple clients who access that data from a particular database server and under every MySQL Server  there is a program running called mysqld which takes the request from multiple application clients and process the data if the mysqld program is not running then client cannot access the data from server and it is a crucial program in the database server which directly gets the data from the storage.

Client Programs :

Client Programs are those which runs when the MySQL Server is running if not the client programs will not work because these programs does not have direct access to the file system then the client program requests the mysqld program which runs under MySQL Server which is responsible to access the data from MySQL Server.

Non Client Programs :

Non Client Programs are the programs which can run even if the MySQL Server is not running because these programs have direct access towards the File system of the server.

Mostly we use MySQL Workbench for administering and manipulating the changes in the database It is a gui tool for monitoring the MySQL Server and there also many client and non client programs for accessing and managing MySQL Server.

Mysqld is a server process and mysql is a client process, if server process is not running client process can’t run..

Non-Client Programs will run even server process is not running.

To enable remote clients to connect to server you need to bind the IP address in MySQL server.

Binding IP address in MySQL

Any configuration changes need to do in mysql you need to do it on /etc/mysql/my.conf file this file is like brine to mysql database.

In my.cnf file you will see several sessions such as clinet, mysqld_safe, mysqld etc…

root@ip-172-31-35-134:~# vi /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

Comment BInd-address so that we can connect to this machine from remote machines.

In above screen shot bind-address is commented by default it will uncommented you need to comment it to allow other client systems to connect MySQL server once bind-address is hash marked as shown above you need to restart the MySQL server

Connect to mysql

Now create remote user with necessary authorizations as shown below.

How to check user created in mysql

By default all the users created under mysql database.

Check tables

describe the object called user.

select required columns from user objects.



To check which database we connected.

To check only one user information we have limit clause.


To Select data in vertical format .


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