Easy way to perform Transportable tablespace across platforms.(Video included)

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Easy way to perform Transportable tablespace across platforms.

Transportable Tablespace feature was introduced in Oracle 8i to transfer large amount of  data between the oracle databases.

In Oracle 10this useful feature was enhanced with cross-platform support which allowed a tablespace, or set of tablespaces, to be transported between databases deployed on different hardware platforms .

Even we can perform T-Ts which platforms have different Endian format.

This article will help you to perform T-Ts from RHEL 7.5  to  Windows 7  operating system  and Vice Versa.

Source database server details  :

Operating Version : RHEL 7.5 -64 bit 

Database version : Oracle 12cR1

Type of DB : Container DB


target database  server details :

Operating Version : Windows 7 x86-64 bit 

Database version : Oracle 12cR1

Type of DB : Non –Container DB


Check the source  database(LINUX) information.

Here Plug2 pluggable database is in READ WRITE  mode.

Now connect to plug2 PDB and create a new tablespace.

Create a schema with required privileges  and assign the user to above created tablespace.

Connect to  Schema and create a table.

Connect to admin user SYS in plug2 database and create directory object to perform datapump operations.

check the tablespace  dependencies using below PL*SQL package.

In Above query result shows no rows selected,In case if it shows any lines we should solve it.

The tablespace(s) to transport must be made read-only before Export operations.

Perform export operation  using transport_tablepsace parameter.

In case If we are transferring large amount of data then using parallel option while exporting.

Check the datafile header information in a tablespace

Will see from Linux to which platforms we can transport data to:

In above result  will see  Linux support to transfer the data to  Microsoft Windows x86 64-bit.

Connect to RMAN prompt and convert the tablespace  to support windows operating systems.

In /home/oracle location a new datafile will be created by rman to support windows o/s.

Copy the metadata file and actual data file to target server location(windows) using Winscp.

In Target sever :

Check the information of database;

Check the directory object to perform import operations.

Create the required schema in the  database,

Import the dumpfile along the datafile using below parameters.

Now connect to schema and see the rows .

To check the tablespace is migrated from another database use below command

the plugged_in status of trans_cp_ts will show as YES, Because it is migrated from another database.

Make the tablespace as read write .

The above steps are same to transfer the data  from windows to Linux , but only  rman convert command only changed.


Thank you  for reading my article ,Please mention your valuable  comments. 


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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4 thoughts on “Easy way to perform Transportable tablespace across platforms.(Video included)

  1. mm

    While importing i have faced this below error
    impdp directory=data_pump dumpfile=trans_ts.dmp transport_datafiles=’E:\APP\AJAY\ORADATA\ORD\data_pump\trans_cp_ts.dbf’
    ORA-39352: Wrong number of TRANSPORT_DATAFILES specified: expected 1, received 2

    Then i used different import command.
    impdp directory=data_pump dumpfile=trans_ts.dmp transport_tablespaces=y

  2. mm

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    2.How to make database link b/w two pluggable databases.
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