Pluggable database save state

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Pluggable database save state

Automate Pluggable DB opening during Container instance startup

PDB Saved State is a feature in for saving the OPEN state of all PDBS when CDB is restarted. This is for preserving the state of a Pluggable database proir to CDB restart.

During a container database startup, Pluggable databases will be opened/closed to the same Saved state.

Imagine we have 15 PDB’s and we want certain set of PDB’s to open/close as part of Container DB restart, this is the certain feature we need to look into, this would save DBA’s time during any planned/unplanned outages.

PDB Saved State can be discarded upon our requirement and same explained in this article.

1) Check the Saved State for all PDB’s from DBA view

select,b.state from v$pdbs a , dba_pdb_saved_states b where a.con_id = b.con_id;

2) Check the Saved State for all PDB’s from CDB view

3) Change Save State of PDB by usig below statement

alter pluggable database CDB1_PDB1 save state;

4) To discard any saved state of a pluggable database using below statement

alter pluggable database CDB1_PDB1 discard state;

Please find below example which gives an understanding about the save state and discard state.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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