How to change remote trail file location in Oracle GoldenGate.

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Hello Everyone,

This article will teach you how to change remote trail file location in Oracle GoldenGate.

Current location :  /u01/GG_AWS_P1/GG_trails/aws_trails/

New Location :  /dbbackup/GG_trails/aws_trails

GG Process Details : 

Source :

Target : 

Check Replicat trail file location

Remote trail file location : /u01/GG_AWS_P1/GG_trails/aws_trails/

On Source :

Create new directory : 

Check path for the pump process and param file 

Stop Pump process

Now pump process will be down and will not read & write any trail file

After stopping take info pump process for RBA and SEQNO

On Target :

Check Replicate info

Do LOGEND for replicat process until output as YES

With LOGEND command Replicat  will read and apply all the process data from trail files received from pump process

Stop Replicat process 

On Source :
Delete pump process

Add new location for Param file of Pump process

Add pump process using latest EXTSEQ and RBA

Add remote trail file location for pump process

Now start the pump process  and check target location for new trail file creations

On Target :
Login with DB credentials and delete pump

Delete the Replicat process

Add Replicat process 

Info Replicat process

Start Replicat process 

On Source : 

Do some transactions on Source table and crosscheck on target DB tables and GG STATS 


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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