Oracle : Adding new table to existing GoldenGate Replication without downtime

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Adding new table to existing GoldenGate Replication

In this article, we will add a new table in existing GG replication setup without downtime using filter (@GETENV (‘TRANSACTION’,’CSN’) > scn number);

Source : GG11

Target : GG12

Source : 

Connect and Login to the ggsci 

Check the process running

View the Source extract param file 

Login as DB user

Check trandata is enabled on table which we need to add

Add the trandata for the table 

Stop the extract process and use leg end command to stop 

Do logend of pump process

On Target side :


Logend for replicate :

If the table size is large then take export and import in the Target database.

In Source : Take backup of the table

Take the export using flashback_scn

Transfer the dumpfile to the target.

Import the dumpfile in Target DB:

Edit extract param and add table entry :

Check pump param file , if full schema importing just ignore

In Target:
Add table entry in replicat param file
Note: use filter (@GETENV (‘TRANSACTION’,’CSN’) > scn number);

Start the extract :

Start the pump :

Check the status of Extract using Send

Noe Log at check point time is cleared 

Target : 

Check status  of GG processes.

Start Replicat process.

Now the lag is cleared and we can check table count in Source and Target as a part of Validation.

Check the stats for table which we replicated to know the transactions.

Note : Once the validation is success then remove filters from replicat param file.

Target :

Remove filter entry in replicat param file

Start the replicat process.

info all

Info replicat

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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