How to Install Terraform On Windows Machine

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Dear Readers,

In this article, we will see Installation of Terraform On Windows Machine.

Steps to Follow :

Download Terraform software
Install Terraform
Set the Environment variables

1. Download Terraform Software

First, we need to Terraform official website by using below link.
Select Windows and click on 64-bit to download.

We can the software has downloaded in your physical location in the zip format.

Extract Terraform Zip file

Once unzip it will be extracted to different folder.

Go inside the terraform folder there we can see the terraform executable file.

copy the terraform software to another drive

we can copy the software from C drive to E drive because software should be safe.

2. Install Terraform

For installing the terraform we need to give double click on terraform executable file so It will be run the executable file automatically means like terraform has installed.

Verify the terraform

Go to terraform software location

Type cmd in the path so command prompt will be opened inside the software location.

Verify Terraform Version

Here we are in the terraform software location and verify terraform version

Go to root and verify terraform

It showing error like not recognized as an internal or external command.


We can the terraform where software is located.

We can’t run the terraform from any location.

If we want to run the terraform from any location we need to set the environment variables.

3. Set the Environment Variable for terraform

Go to search and type env then click on Edit the system environment variables to open.

Select path and click on Edit.

Click on New.

Copy the terraform software path and specify in environment variables.

Specify software path which was copied and click on ok.

Click on Ok.

we have set the environment variables successfully

Now onwards we can run the terraform from any location.

Use Terraform from any location 

Execution steps for terraform : 
👉terraform init
👉terraform plan
👉terraform apply


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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