Installation of PostgreSQL 11.4 in Linux Platform.

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Installation of PostgreSQL 11.4  in Linux Platform.

Installation of  PostgreSQL in Linux We love to make it easy for you.

Follow the steps below and you are done.

STEP 1 :

As a first step, we need to download the PostgreSQL by using the below link.

Click on the Download.

Go to the Red Hat family Linux and click on it.

Go to the Build from source and click on the file browser.

Choose the version and click on it.


Choose the software and click on it.


STEP 2 :

Transfer the downloaded file into Linux machine using WinScp.

The file has been copied into /opt directory.

STEP 3 :

Unzip the software.

It will take some time and wait for till complete.

After the unzip

STEP 4 :

Make the directory to install the software to it.

STEP 5 :

Configure the software into the directory

Here we are not installing the zlib and read line modules

–Zlib module is used for the compression

–Read line module is used for the documentation support

STEP 6 :

To run the make command to compile all the libraries and it will take 10 minutes.

STEP 7 :

Install the software.

STEP 8 :

After the installation, make sure bin, doc, include, lib, man and share directories
are created under the /PostgreSQL/11.4 directory as shown below.

In the bin directory, we can see all the executable files and directories.

STEP 9 :

Make a directory to create a cluster

Change the ownership and change the permissions of the directory from root to postgres user.

STEP 10 :

Create a Cluster

Connect to a Postgres user and go to the bin directory and create a cluster.

To create a cluster  we use the  initdb utility.

Check the Cluster directory.

STEP 11 :

Start the cluster database using pg_ctl utility.

whenever create a new cluster the Postgres will be created a default user and database called postgres.

STEP 11 :

Connect to a default cluster database called postgres.





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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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