Installing MySQL on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Using the MySQL Yum Repository(Article -08).

Installing MySQL on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Using the MySQL Yum Repository.


Installing YUM basic packages of OS.

Download RPM files from click on download button.

Click on download option on browser copy the URL and execute  following command.

If wget command is not working you need to install wget on the server as shown below.

Now we can download RPM packages using wget command.

Give ll command and check repository is saved or not .

Now we can install using below command

Below command shows you enabled repositories.

As shown above by default with the repositories MySQL 5.7 community server and MySQL 5.6 are available.

We will install MySQL 5.6 do so we need to disable MySQL 5.7 community server

Now we need to enable MySQL 5.6 using below command.

As shown below now MySQL 5.6 is enabled.

Now we can install MySQL 5.6 using yum install mysql-community-server command.


Above screen is showing 3 options y/d/N

Option “y” is for download and install.

Option “d” is for only download.

Option “N” is to stop process.

Upto here installation has completed . Now we will start the service.

Lets try to login MySQL.

By default you try to login there will not be any password.

As per standard procedure we need to install mysql_secure_installation script


Yes password has been set for root user. Now try to login .

Now we  must & should  use -p option .

Using status mysql.service command you can check if MySQL service is running or stopped.

BY default my.cnf stores in /etc folder.

Now we can cross check error log location

Now check error log file.


Thank You …………


Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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