Logdump utility in Oracle GoldenGate 12c

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Dear Readers,

In this article we will see Logdump utility in Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

 We care for your speed. Below is an easy way to perform  Logdump utility in Oracle GoldenGate 12c

Logdump utility comes by default with goldengate software. It is part of goldengate home. It is used to read trail files.

Just like in database we have logminor utility to read the archive log files, in the same way to read the trail files of goldengate we have logdump utility.

Trail files which are generated in goldengate they are in binary format and we can not read them directly only logdump can read it so logdump utility allows you to display or search for information that is stored in goldengate trails

The Logdump utility allows you to:

  • Display or search for information that is stored in GoldenGate trails or files
  • Save a portion of GoldenGate trail to a separate trail file

On Source Machine

Go to Golden Gate installation directory

Connect to logdump utility

Open trail file

Setting up parameters to view the trail properly.

To view trail file header

To view detail

To get clear detailed data

Viewing trail file header


Note: In every local trail file first record will be the file header, RBA 0 means first record in the trail file and it will be file header. File header information is goldengate understood file like what is goldengate home,

where it is installed these information will be stored.

Again do n

Note: n means next

  1. Again do n

Note: There is nothing now as we did not does any transaction till now so there is no record right now. Lets do some transaction


Update A Row in dept table

On Source Machine

Check dept table

Lets update a row into dept as

  1. As soon as we commit, extract must have captured it. Now when we do n we should find some data.

Now do n on logdump utility

On above image it shows database related information

Again do n

Now the above image shows table definitions which are captured by extract process

Again do n

  1. Now you will see data is written, we did one update so update is written as GGSUnifiedUpdate this is the update statement we did. This information is written at RBA 2654 
  1. Now if we do n again, we do not find anything

Now if you need to go at particular RBA, you can also do that

Now i want read pos 2654

Now to read file in reverse direction

Now do n 

Now to read file in forward direction

Now do n 

We can count no of the transaction using count function in logdump utility.


we use count command



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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