Migrating Table data from MySQL to Oracle Using SQL* LOADER

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Hi Readers,

In this article,we will see Migrating Table data from MySQL to Oracle Using SQL* LOADER.

Step 1 :

Connect to Mysql DB and create a table

Insert data into a table

Crosscheck the data in C_EMP TABLE

Step 2 : 

Export data from C_EMP table to CSV file using below query

Step 3 :

Check data in CSV file  and send to Oracle server

use SCP to transfer files

Oracle Server : 

Step 4:

Create  a table with required metadata

Step 5 :

Create a control file to load data into Oracle database.

Step 6 :

Load the data into KTEXPERTS schema using SQL*Loader

Import successfully done to Oracle database

Now check the data in C_EMP table.

I hope above information useful and helpful.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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