ORACLE :Comparing parameter files from two different databases.

Comparing parameter files from two different  databases.

In this article we will learn how to compare two parameter files from two different databases.


To make changes on orcl to look like prod we need to follow below procedure

Source :

Server name    : DBA1 

instance name : prod

Target :

Server name    : DBA2

instance name : orcl

Step 1 :

Check instance names from two databases 

dba1 :

dba2 :

Step 2 :

Create a listener or use existing listener at dba1

Start the listener

Step 3 :

Create a dummy user with dba privileges

DBA2 SERVER(Target)  :

Step 4 :

Create a TNSNAMES entry at dba2 Server

Step 5 :

Check tns pings with listener

Step 6 :

Create database link  and check connection established with another database or not ?

Step 7 :

Now create a table with all the parameters from dba server

Step 8 :

Now differentiate parameters by using following query

The Result for the above query as follows


To have a better view you can check below screenshot 

Before changing any parameter values in dba2 make sure you take back up of pfile of dba2

To Make changes on dba2 to look like dba1 please run below commands

In order to appear changes on orcl (dba2) bounce the database.

Thank you ……

Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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