ORACLE – Creating a Data Guard Physical Standby environment – Part2

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Continuation to the Data Guard Physical standby creation


ORACLE – Creating a Data Guard Physical Standby environment – PART1


Enable Archiving


On 10g you can enable archive log mode by mounting the database and executing the archivelog command:



Set Primary Database Initialization Parameters


Data Guard must use spfile, in order to configure it we create and configure the standby parameters on a regular pfile, and once it is ready we convert it to an spfile.


Several init.ora parameters control the behavior of a Data Guard environment. In this example the Primary database init.ora is configured so that it can hold both roles, as Primary or Standby.



Edit the pfile to add the standby parameters, here shown highlighted:



Once the new parameter file is ready we create from it the spfile.


Continued in the Next Article………


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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