ORACLE – Creating a Data Guard Physical Standby environment – PART1

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Creating a Data Guard Physical Standby environment 



Once you have your primary database up and running these are the steps to follow.


Enable Forced Logging

Create a Password File

Configure a Standby Redo Log

Enable Archiving

Set Primary Database Initialization Parameters


Below are the steps to implement the Physical Standby.

Create a Control File for the Standby Database

Backup the Primary Database and transfer a copy to the Standby node.

Prepare an Initialization Parameter File for the Standby Database

Configure the listener and tnsnames to support the database on both nodes

Set Up the Environment to Support the Standby Database on the standby node.

Start the Physical Standby Database

Verify the Physical Standby Database Is Performing Properly


Primary Database Steps.


Enable Forced Logging


In order to implement Standby Database we have to enable ‘Forced Logging’. because the standby database is transactional replica, so if any changes happen at primary database it should replicate to the standby database.


This option ensures that even in the event that a ‘nologging’ operation is done, force logging takes precedence and all operations are logged into the redo logs.


 Create a Password File


A password file must be created on the Primary and copied over to the Standby site. The sys password must be identical on both sites. This is a key pre requisite in order to be able to ship and apply archived logs from Primary to Standby.


Configure a Standby Redo Log


A Standby Redo log is added to enable Data Guard Maximum Availability and Maximum Protection modes. It is important to configure the Standby Redo Logs (SRL) with the same size as the online redo logs.


In this example I’m using Oracle Managed Files, that’s why I don’t need to provide the SRL path and file name. If you are not using OMF’s you then must pass the full qualified name.




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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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