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Oracle Database can create by using the following 3 methods

  1. Manual database creation
  2. OMF method (Oracle Managed database Files)
  3. DBCA method (Database Configuration Assistance)


In this article we will discuss Manual database creation.

Steps to create database in manual method.

  1. Declare or specify variables or set up environmental variables:

First edit  .bash_profile and then set up the following variables.

$ vi .bash_profile

Note: primary is oracle instance name

.  .bash_profile to execute bash profile.

Check the declared variables by using following commands.


Result:  /oraeng/app/oracle/product/12.1.0

$ echo $ORACLE_SID

Result:  primary


  1. Making directory:

Use the following command to create the directory for storing the CRD files.

  1. Create the initialization file.

use the following command using the following command.

Open the parameter file by using the following command.

Now set the parameter files by using following commands.


  1. Script for database creation:

Now write the script for database creation by using the following command.

Vi   dbcreate.sql

Now create the database script.

Save the Script.

The SYSTEM tablespace, consisting of the operating system file ‘/u02/demo/db/system.dbf’ is created as specified by the DATAFILE clause.

A SYSAUX tablespace is created, consisting of the operating system file ‘/u02/demo/db/sysaux.dbf ‘ as specified in the SYSAUX DATAFILE.

The UNDO TABLESPACE clause creates and names an undo tablespace that is used to store undo data for this database if you have specified UNDO_MANAGEMENT=AUTO in the initialization parameter file.

The DEFAULT TEMPORARY TABLESPACE clause creates  a default temporary tablespace for this database.

The DEFAULT TABLESPACE clause creates the default permanent tablespace for this database.

Two redo log groups will create and each group will contains the single member.


  1. Script for data dictionary views:

Now write the script for data dictionary views by using the following command.

vi  generateDDV.sql

Now create the script by using following commands:

  1. Connect and Start the database up to no mount state as a sysdba.

Note: Oracle database can be created in nomount state only.

  1. Run the Database creation script that is created.

You can find the acknowledgement of database created successfully.

  1. Now we can check the database status using the below command.

  1. Now we can check the database information using the below commands.

  1. Now run the script that Build Data Dictionary Views.


The database will created and check the tables.

IN 12c , the count will be “6921



Thank you …….

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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