Rebuild Stand By database when PDB restored from restore point/Issue with the PDB

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Hello Readers,

In this article, we will see Recovery models in SQL Server.


1. Take backup of the primary database

2. Create standby control file from primary database.

3. Transfer backup pieces along with control file from primary server to standby server.

SCP backup pieces to standby database

4. Take standby database controlfile backup to trace from standby database

5. Stop the standby database using srvctl utility.

6. Open standby database to unmount mode using srvctl utility.

7. Connect to RMAN and restore the control file , catalog the backup pieces and restore the database.

8. Drop the stand by redo log and create redo log

9. Start mrp process of the database and verify archive log is applying into database.

10. Monitor the shipping and logs apply status

11. Enable Active Dataguard mode



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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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