Renaming the Oracle Database.

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Renaming the Oracle Database.

In this article we will learn how to rename a oracle database using trace controlfile .


Step 1 :

Check the database name

My Old Database name is PRIMARY 

Step  2 :

Create a trace control file

Step 3 :

Shutdown the database

Step 4 :

Go to CRD location and rename the controlfile

Step 5 :

Open the trace file and remove unwanted lines

Need to change database name.

Note :

If you want to Remove unnecessary lines & spaces,use “dd”.

If you want to Remove cursor above lines, “dgg”

If you want to Remove cursor Below lines, “d+G”

Replace “SET” instead of “REUSE”

Change the Database Name.

OLD Database Name is primary

New Database Name is prod

Step 6 :

Go to DBS location and open pfile

Change db_name parameter values

Step 7 :

Goto CRD file location

Connect to sqlplus  and Run Trace file .

Step 8 :

Check the database status , If it is mounted , Try to open database with resetlogs .

Step 9 :

Check Database Name:

I hope above steps will be useful for renaming the database .

Thank you ……….

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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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