Shell script to EXPDP / SCP and IMPDP

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Shell script to EXPDP /  SCP and IMPDP

We care for your speed. Below is an easy way to perform Shell script to EXPDP /  SCP and IMPDP.

To Automate the script follow below steps

Export script :

The below script will export only few data partitions from table called MIC_INS_PART.

The same script will do gzip of dump file and its creates a sample file called STARTIMPORT.TXT

Then both the files(gzip and startimport.txt  file ) will be transferred to target server.

Execution Output :

check file in target server


The below script will start import if STARTIMPORT.TXT  file available.

The script automatically gunzip the zip file and start imports as per the impdp command.

If import successfully done then its send acknowledgement that  status : LOADED SUCCESSFULLY if not  status: Loaded Failed 

Also it removes  STARTIMPORT.TXT file after execution of script .



I hope the above will be useful for to EXPDP /  SCP and IMPDP.


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Note: Please test scripts in Non Prod before trying in Production.
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