Oracle GoldenGate Articles

Oracle GoldenGate Articles SNO ARTICLE LINK DESCRIPTION 1 Oracle Golden Gate : Installing GG in AWS (Table replication in same DB) 2 GoldenGate: Oracle to Oracle GoldenGate Unidirectional Replication 3 GoldenGate: MySQL to Oracle Heterogeneous Unidirectional Replication 4 How to add… Read More

Online Segment Shrink

Online Segment Shrink A segment is a logical storage structure that contains data structure (segment type) of database objects. A segment is a set (unordered) of extents. A segment and all its extents are stored in one tablespace. From Oracle Database 10g, we can use the segment shrinking capability to reclaim unused… Read More

Oracle Security Audit: SQL92_SECURITY

SQL92_SECURITY   Oracle Security Audit: Q:  How to improve security level for DML transactions?. Ans: By setting the SQL92_SECURITY parameter we can improve the security level for DML transactions. The configuration option SQL92_SECURITY specifies whether table-level SELECT privileges are required to execute an update or… Read More