What is GItIgnore in Git?

Dear Readers, What is GItIgnore in Git? In this article,we will see Create new files and ignore specific file while commiting. Git Ignore A gitignore file specifies intentionally untracked files that Git should ignore. Files already tracked by Git are not affected. Git can be… Read More

Git Workflow (Pushing and Pulling) (PART-2)

Git Workflow (Pushing and Pulling) (PART-2) In this article,we will see Push Commits from Central Repository add content to the file then push to Central Repository. Implementation Steps Create a new directory and Initialize as Git Local Repository. Connect your Local Repository to Central Repository (GitHub). Pull Commits… Read More

Introduction to Git

Dear Readers, In this article,we will see Brief Introduction on Git. Source Code Management SCM stands for Source Code Management is an integral part of any development project in the current IT world. Storage (Any code) Developers (Code) Testing Team (Test) DevOps (Scripts) Different people… Read More

Brief Introduction on DevOps

Introduction on DevOps What is DevOps? DevOps is a set of software application development principles that combines an agile working culture, best practices, and tools which increases a company’s ability to create, deliver, and improve applications and services much faster than traditional waterfall-based software development… Read More