Databases In MongoDB

Databases In MongoDB In MongoDB the databases are divided in to two types based on the data they store they are. 1. Default databases 2. Non default databases Non default databases: The databases that are created explicitly depend on the needs of the users. Default… Read More

Basic MongoDB Commands Operations

Basic MongoDB Commands Operations   👉👉👉Please check the below video 1 – To shows all the databases Atlas atlas-dsrabt-shard-0 [primary] myFirstDatabase> show dbs 2 – To use the database called sample_airbnb Atlas atlas-dsrabt-shard-0 [primary] myFirstDatabase> use sample_airbnb 3 – To show all the collections in… Read More

Create an account in MongoDB atlas

Create an account in MongoDB atlas. Steps to create an account in MongoDB atlas 1 – Open the following link in your browser like chrome, edge then you get like the image displayed below. Link: 2 – Click on try for free which you… Read More

About JSON and BSON

About JSON and BSON Both JSON and BSON are data interchange formats used for the representation and transmission of data between applications. JSON: (Java script Object Notation) It is text based format that is lightweight and also human readable format. Based on the javascript syntax… Read More